Being Born Again

The Vision and Commitment Course | Session 3

In this session, we will discover what the Scripture has to say about being born again, which is also called the “new birth.” In particular, we will answer the following questions: What is being born again? Why do we need to be born again? How are we born again? What are the evidences of being born again? At the end of the session, you will have an opportunity to examine yourself in the faith. Whether this examination exposes something that is lacking, or confirms what is present, our prayer is that all will come to an unshakable assurance of the authenticity of their salvation.

The Vision and Commitment Course (V&C) is a 20-week class that explores biblical truths that for thousands of years have transformed the lives of countless believers to the glory of God. Whether you are a new believer in Christ, have known the Lord for many years, or are simply searching for truth, we know that what’s presented in this course has all the potential to transform your life radically to the glory of God.

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