Looking for more than surface-level Christianity?

Go deeper and discover biblical truths that are foundational to living out the Christian life through the Vision and Commitment Course.

Stand against the ever shifting currents of our culture with assurance in the foundations of your faith in Christ.

The Vision and Commitment Course (V&C) is designed to lay essential biblical foundations in the lives of individual Christians. Through 20 sessions, broken into two parts, you'll discover all that God has given to equip and empower you to live out the Christian life.  Are you ready to go deeper in your relationship with Jesus?

Go deeper in your relationship with Christ.

Whether you are a new believer in Christ, have known the Lord for many years, or are simply searching for truth, the content presented in the Vision and Commitment Course has all the potential to transform your life radically to the glory of God. We will cover topics and questions such as:

  • How does a believer live in the reality of the Gospel and the saving power of Jesus Christ?
  • What does the Bible have to say about the gifts of the Holy Spirit and what it means to live a Spirit-filled life?
  • Why does the Church matter? Can't individual believers live out the Christian life on their own?
  • What does the Bible have to say about the roles of leaders in the Church?
  • What is God's plan for the roles of men and women in the Church?

Get access to 20 sessions of life-transforming content.

You can start your journey right now, in just one click. Choose one of two ways to start the course.

The V&C Course videos and accompanying notes are always available free of charge, which you can access anytime on our website or through the Living Light Mobile App. You can also find all of One Church Ministries' videos on our YouTube channel. The course has an accompanying book available for purchase for $15 (plus shipping).

However, if you would like to participate in this course through a live, online class as part of a small group led by a facilitator, you can do so by registering below. The class will be offered in two parts, the first covering the first 10 sessions only.

Self-Paced, On Your Own

  • Full access to 20 session videos
  • Full access to digital course book

Join an Online Class (Part 1)

  • Full access to 20 session videos
  • Full access to digital course book
  • Work through the first 10 sessions with course facilitator and small group where you have the opportunity to ask questions and build relationships
  • Built-in accountability through encouragement and discussion

Purchase the Vision and Commitment Course Book

Although the course notes are available to download online, we recommend you purchase a physical copy of the book to provide you with a better experience as you go through the course. The book is full color and includes a section for notes at the end of each session.

One Church Ministries has a mission to see the Church of Christ unified for His glory.

The Vision and Commitment Course was developed by One Church Ministries (OCM). OCM believes in the essentiality of the Christ-given ministries of apostles, prophets, evangelists, shepherds, and teachers. This ministry is led by John Lalgee, who is recognized as an apostle. He is joined by a team of other leaders who have been acknowledged as gifted Ephesians 4 ministries to the Church.