Biblical Manhood and Womanhood (Part 1)

The Vision and Commitment Course | Session 19

There is always enormous pressure on the Church to conform to the pattern of the world, and scarcely any subject is as emotive and bitterly controversial today as gender distinction. However, the Bible is remarkably clear throughout on this subject. In these final two sessions, we will look at what the Bible teaches concerning the significance of God creating us male and female. In doing so, we will see what we have in common, and where God, in His wisdom, has determined that our roles and responsibilities should differ.

The Vision and Commitment Course (V&C) is a 20-week class that explores biblical truths that for thousands of years have transformed the lives of countless believers to the glory of God. Whether you are a new believer in Christ, have known the Lord for many years, or are simply searching for truth, we know that what’s presented in this course has all the potential to transform your life radically to the glory of God.

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