The Lordship of Christ

The Vision and Commitment Course | Session 9

The message of the New Testament is not merely “Jesus is the answer,” but “Jesus is Lord.” In the Bible, the word “Savior” is found 37 times while the word “Lord” is used 7,736 times. Jesus Christ, God the Son, is the Lord of heaven and earth. In this session, we are going to look specifically at what it means for Jesus to be our Lord on a personal level, and how His rule (that is, His Kingdom) is advancing in the earth.

The Vision and Commitment Course (V&C) is a 20-week class that explores biblical truths that for thousands of years have transformed the lives of countless believers to the glory of God. Whether you are a new believer in Christ, have known the Lord for many years, or are simply searching for truth, we know that what’s presented in this course has all the potential to transform your life radically to the glory of God.

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