Update from David Fatorma

Ebola’s Lingering Effects

Starting in March of 2014, the world watched in horror as Liberia and much of Western Africa suffered the most devastating Ebola outbreak in history. Although a year later, the World Health Organization ended the international Public Health Emergency, Liberia is still suffering.

The Ebola Outbreak Numbers in Western Africa:

  • Over 28,000 people infected
  • 11,310 deaths
  • 16,000+ children who lost their parents or caregivers
  • $2.8 billion in GDP losses
  • Liberian schools closed for 7 months

Liberia still needs a great deal of help, and unfortunately, as the virus has been eradicated, efforts to support affected areas have almost completely fallen out of the public eye. As seen in the chart below, even generic interest is lost as the internet searches for “ebola support” spiked and plummeted dramatically between 2014 and 2016.

Thankfully the epidemic is no more, but the aftermath requires a great deal of work. Here is how LEAP, with your help, prayers, and sponsorship, has and will aid Liberia’s recovery.

Ebola Orphans

Ebola left over 4,500 orphans in Liberia. The church and community members connected to LEAP have stepped forward to care for the children. Rather than living on the streets, numerous orphans are living with church families, who have given them a home and a chance to attend Light Stream Academy.

What can I do?

The cost of a child’s food, clothing, and school for an entire month is $40. Your donation assists the families that have opened their homes and allows the children to remain safe and provided for and receive an education through Light Stream Academy.

Current Needs

The need is often great within Liberia, but as we aim to boost sponsorship and aid to David and the community, a few specific needs remain a priority:

  • Pay Increase for Teachers – Some of the teachers are paid as low as $80/month.  Our teachers dutifully instruct and care for the children, and we greatly desire to increase their pay for their own practical needs and to show our gratitude.
  • Ebola Orphans – As previously mentioned, the orphans cost host families an additional $40/month.  Many families have taken on this burden without the financial means to do so.  Our help aids with the children’s food, clothing, and school fees.

Need Met

  • Vehicle – David Fatorma, who oversees Light Stream Ministries in Liberia, has much rugged terrain to cross while caring for the churches. Thanks to the giving and generosity of many people, LEAP has successfully raised $11,000 for David’s new vehicle! This new vehicle will largely improve transportation, as well as make certain trips feasible.

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